Once enrolled in Pilgrim Preschool families of each student will pay a $65.00 non-refundable Registration Fee, a Good Faith fee, a $25.00 supply/program fee and monthly tuition. The following tuition payment is due the first week of each month for each enrolled child: 

Two day program - $105.00 per month

Three day program - $135.00 per month

Tuition payment envelopes will be distributed in September . A box marked "TUITION" is located inside the preschool office. Payment may be made by check or cash. Please make checks payable to "Pilgrim Preschool." There will be a $25.00 fee for all returned checks. Payments may also be mailed to the school. Do not give tuition payments to your child's teacher, or place it in school bags. Do not make children responsible for tuition payment envelopes. If for some reason you cannot make payment by the due date, please notify the Director as soon as possible. Any payments not made by the 15th of the month will be considered late and requires an additional late charge of $10.00 per week per child. All May 2016 payments are due by May 1, 2016 unless you are scheduled to help in the classroom during the month of May. Those families fulfilling their final helper days during May shall make payment (minus their helper credits) on their last helper day. 

Good Faith credits are to be applied to the May payment only. Each child will be given a notice of helper credits to be taken off of the May tuition. Families will receive a maximum of $60/child (3 day program) or $40/child (2 day program) UNLESS they have subbed for another family and earned the other family's credit. Parents may ask the office for their current number of credits at any time. 

The $25.00 supply/program fee is payable one time per year, per child and will cover parties, programs, talent and entertainment scheduled or extraordinary supplies used throughout the school year. 

At the discretion of the Director, a "late pick-up" fee will be assessed at the rate of $5.00 per child per each ten (10) minutes. Please contact the office immediately if circumstances occur where your child will be picked up late.