Teachers at Pilgrim Preschool are certified or degreed and participate in professional training and continuing education on a yearly basis. Pilgrim Preschool wants the best for your child, and our goal is to make their first learning experience fun and positive. Providing your child with a warm, nurturing, creative, fun and flexible environment helps give them a great sense of security and the excitement to learn. 

Director: Chrisy Greene


3 year olds: Kathy Patton, Kelly Coleman, Jessica Pennekamp
4 year olds: Mary Lee Heyd, Julie Wood, Margo Taulbee, Rene' Braun, Pamela Moorhead
5 year olds: Tracy Nienaber, Judy Rodriguez
Gym Teacher: Judy Rodriguez, Rene' Braun
Music Teacher: Lynne March
Teacher Aides: Laura Hickey, Barb Horton, Julie Wood, Lynne March, Judy Rodriguez, Annie Gambetta
Secretary/Bookkeeper: Laura Hickey